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The owners of Corn Cob Acres, Gene and Jim Schopf, grew up in the small town of Mountville, PA. The brothers began peddling the produce they raised on the family farm to neighbors when they were in elementary school. They continued to raise and sell produce throughout school, and created Schopf Bros. Farms in 1984. Both also graduated from Millersville University with a degree in secondary education; Gene taught industrial technology at Conestoga Valley High School while Jim taught mathematics at Lampeter-Strasburg High School. The brothers created the popular Halloween attraction Field of Screams which opened in 1993. While this venture filled the need for a scary attraction for teenagers and adults, Gene and Jim quickly realized that there was a need for a non-scary activity that catered to younger children.

Corn Cob Acres in 2022
Corn Cob Acres in 2022

They developed the Little Screamers’ Hayride, which operated on Sunday evenings at Field of Screams. As the popularity of this attraction grew, it became more difficult to separate the scary hayrides from the non-scary hayrides on Sundays. They switched the non-scary hayride to the late afternoon hours on Sundays to dedicate a specific time to younger kids. As the popularity of Little Screamers’ again began to grow, the brothers realized that having additional fall-related activities for the kids to enjoy would be a huge benefit. Thus, they created the current-day Corn Cob Acres in 2009. The Little Screamers’ Hayride is still a large part of the attraction, but many other popular activities add to the adventure. The goal for expanding Corn Cob Acres was to develop a location with a variety of outdoor activities where families could play together.

The Schopfs researched events specifically designed for kids, and carefully constructed a beautiful layout of over 50 activities for families to enjoy. Gene and Jim pride themselves on providing quality family entertainment in a unique farm setting. Since re-designing Corn Cob Acres, crowds have grown, they have expanded their hours, and also now offer select days for school groups and field trips. If you are looking for fun things to do in Lancaster County, don’t miss the exciting fun of Corn Cob Acres this Fall season!

Corn Cob Acres in 2009 Corn Cob Acres in 2009
Corn Cob Acres in 2012 Corn Cob Acres in 2012